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What is the GOSPEL?

An old college friend posted this question on Facebook, “What is the GOSPEL?”

It’s so wonderful to have a church with an historic book of confessions. Below is my posted “comment”/response:

God’s saving mercy, the work and gifts of God alone.

Or to put it more specifically from the Formula of Concord, Solid Declaration, V, 20:

The content of the Gospel is this, that the Son of God, Christ our Lord, himself assumed and bore the curse of the law and expiated and paid for all our sins, that through him alone we reenter the good graces of God, obtain forgiveness of sins through faith, are freed from death and all the punishments of sin, and are saved eternally.


Luther’s Works for $2


CPH publishes the series “Luther’s Works” for $34-$55 a pop. Imagine having the chance to get five of those books for $2 each.

That opportunity was mine last night. The five books were stacked at a not-for-profit community book sale. When the sale opened doors I started looking at the Art section for a few minutes then went over to the Religion section. As a man was scanning the first Luther book with his iPhone my jaw literally dropped to the floor. After scanning that first book he promptly grabbed all five and put them in his bin.

My head was spinning as I entered some alternate universe briefly while my brain processed what just happened. I meagerly offered to buy the books. “How much you want for the Luther books?” I asked. “I don’t have an answer,” was his reply. That man hit the jackpot and had absolutely no idea. Whatever his little scanner says was the only prompt for him to snatch those treasured books.

There wasn’t any jaw-droppers in the Art section either. Next time I’ll know to hit up the Religion section first. No doubt.


difference between Reformed and Lutheran theology

Reformed theology sees the tapestry, analyzes it by unraveling it and reconstruction. It receives further joy from the resulting discoveries of God’s sovereign state.

Lutheran theology lets the tapestry be as it is, marvels at its beauty and receives endless joy from the unceasing, rich beauty that it offers.

The exercise of Reformed theology boils down to analyzation. The exercise of Lutheran theology boils down to marvelation (being marveled). It’s a culture of answers versus mystery.


Taking that which is ours

Jesus releases death from the condemned by becoming our death on the cross.

Jesus conquers death in His (our) resurrection so that death does not conquer the dead, but brings life through and by Him in Holy Baptism.


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