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Lutheran best man speech/toast

Here’s the best man speech/toast I gave for my brother, Matt Maldre, on his wedding day last week.

Hello everyone. I’m Erik. Matt’s best man. Thanks everyone for coming here…

Thanks to Mike and Nancy for having us all here on this finest of nights.

And I simply must say how excited we all are to have Sarah as a part of our family. From the time that we first met her, and continually throughout Matt and Sarah’s relationship, we have been simply thrilled to see them together. And we’ve eagerly hoped for and awaited for this day to come.

There’s one word I’d like to focus on for a moment. It’s the word, “Reflection”. First and foremost marriage itself IS A reflection. It is a reflection of God’s love for us. All the mercy and grace He pours on us in Word and Sacrament is rooted in the loving sacrifice that Christ made on the cross so that we may walk in the newness of life with Him. So the church is the bride to Christ, united to Him in unceasing love. We belong to Him. Now you, Matt and Sarah, belong to each other, bonded in marriage reflecting that perfect love Christ has for us, His Church.

A great example of marriage reflecting God’s love is in the sacrifices that our parents have made for our family and they have made for each other throughout their marriage. I want to thank you, Mom and Dad, for all the love you’ve given to all of us, and also to each other.

We can see that reflection of love in all the people gathered here in fellowship with one another in celebration of Matt and Sarah’s marriage.

And there’s so many examples of the commitment Matt and Sarah have shown each other. Most recently the fruit of which can be seen in the incredible work Matt and Sarah have done in all wedding invitations, website, blog, and everything else. That work shows their care and attention.

And all those origami butterflies! Matt was telling me the other day he was folding butterflies on the CTA bus, in the middle of the night, half asleep, with his eyes closed, while he was folding. Just picture it! You walk on the bus {repeat, tell details} Folks, that’s Matt Maldre. Another example of their commitment is from early in their relationship. No more than 6 months into their relationship… {fantasy football draft story}.

Of course I can’t think about the word, “reflection” without mentioning Matt and I being twins. Mirror twins in fact, because I’m left-handed to your right-hand.

So it’s rather appropriate to see Matt and I dressed the same. A true visual reflection. It seems it’s always on special occasions when that happens: today on Matt’s wedding day, the wedding of Andrea and I, Kris and Gary’s wedding day, our time as Cub Scouts, going to Cubs games; those are all special events, and of course we dressed the same for the first 9 years of our life. Maybe that’s why Mom dressed us the same… because she knew that each and every one of those days we spent together was special. So it’s fitting that we are here together now in our matching suits.

We’ve lived lives of reflection sharing similar paths and common interests. It’s with great joy that you and Sarah can now can live the love resulting from marriage that I’ve been blessed to experience in my marriage to my incredible wife, Andrea, and the resulting fruit of that love in the growth of our family with Olivia and Luke.

We all love you dearly, Matt and Sarah.

So let’s raise our glass together.
May the grace of God unceasingly fill the hearts of Matt and Sarah in overflowing love.


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