Ich bin dennoch getauft

A project under future consideration is a casket garment. One that may be used for the eventual time of my death. It’s not that death has been on my mind, but rather the life in Baptism. On the garment will have the text “Ich bin dennoch getauft”. That’s the original German from Luther’s Large Catechism which translates to “Nevertheless I am baptized”.

Just as Christ being crucified on the cross was a sure and certain event so is the event of the Christian’s Baptism. It’s so because God promises it to us. He gives it to us. He unites us to Christ’s death and resurrection delivering forgiveness of sins. He puts His holy name on us and makes us His own. It’s something that goes with us through our entire Christian life for all eternity. When trouble comes, one can simply say, “Nevertheless I am baptized.”

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